July 16: Little Ray of Hope – Neoplasene

July 16, 2008

After crying and feeling hopeless for most of 24 hours, we decided to do some research on Hemangiosarcoma as well as any alternative options to chemo.

Rob came across a drug called Neoplasene. It reported some amazing results in dogs with all types of cancer. He made a call to Dr. Fox at Buck Mountain Botanicals to purchase some of the medicine but was told that only a veterinarian could order. On Thursday, he had our local veterinarian order it for us for Monday delivery.

I still researched all weekend. The bad news was that there was not much information about neoplasene being used on dogs with Hemangiosarcoma. There were very few cases to be found.

That is the reason for this blog.

We want to post about how we are attempting to improve the quality and quantity of Addie’s remaining time with us.

Our hope is that it will help others that follow with our same struggle.

11 thoughts on “July 16: Little Ray of Hope – Neoplasene

  1. I’ve been treating my little Italian greyhound flash with hemangiosarcoma with neoplasene for a year. It works, its tough, but it works

  2. Thanks for giving us hope! I have not been able to find too many success stories of dogs with hemangiosarcoma and treatment with neoplasene. Please keep us posted on Flash’s progress. Is it internal or external hemangiosarcoma?

  3. Hi! Our beloved Bernese was diagnosed with intramuscular hemangiosarcoma in Dec. 2007. He is still with us and has had no quality of life issues. The first trmt was with surgery for the removal of a 14cm tumor from his back with good margins. The gold standard adriamycin was given but it came back 6 mths later. Another surgery in June. This time two smaller tumors about 6-8cm but this time, the margins were not clean. We started with carboplatin and after asking about naturopathic meds, we began to work with his partner for vitamin supplements, accupuncture and other. Now he gets smaller lumps about the size of golf balls. We are on the second round of Neoplasene now. It is really gross this time and we had excessive bleeding that we could not control last week. All par for the course. The key to him being here is that we have two vets that talk to each other while they approach his treatment from two ways. They have a lot of respect for each other. We did not use the board certified oncologist for this reason although we did use a board certified surgeon because of where the tumors were. He has had no symptoms, no side effects and with the exception of one week post surgical care, no quality of life issues. Another key is diet. Low carb plenty of fish and tripe. I hope this helps.

  4. Hello! My dog and I are nearly two months post splenectomy, and yes, we were sadly diagnosed with HSA grade II. We’ve done some chemo but plan to abandon it in favor of either Neoplasene, Zolinza (HDAC inhibitor), or NoCBL, or possibly a combo if its deemed safe to do so. We are also on about 24 or 25 supplments spread throughout the day and night.Can anyone offer advice from what you’ve learned? DID Neoplasene continue to work for you? My Nikko and I would love to know more of your experiences.Thank you all, and thank your beautiful dogs πŸ™‚

  5. Val,Thanks for the post. When you get a chance, read through the later postings on Addie’s blog. We are almost at 9 months post diagnosis. We attribute this 100% to the Neoplasene and her diet/supplements. I can’t speak to the other options you mention, but I can say she has done phenomenially well on the Neo. Best of luck to you and Nikko and I would highly recommend you start Nikko on the Neoplasene ASAP.Sincerely,Denice and Addie

  6. WOW!!God, thank you so much! Our vet ordered it so yes, I’m very excited. I knew there was more hope than what those oncologists told us.Forgive my confusion on the internet, but I can’t seem to find the other info about Addie: Did her hemangiosarcoma begin in the spleen and then rupture? Or, had hers happened another way? And, did you do any at all chemo or other treatments or ws Neo that first and only treatment?Where is the actual blog about your girl’s progress? I’d love to read it, but I get confused online 😦THANK YOU for your time and efforts. Addie and Nikko will fight this horrible disease together πŸ™‚With tears in my eyes and hope in my heart,Val

  7. OK, I now found how to read through the other blog entries… I’m a little slow.I’ve spoken with Dr FOx quite a bit, and while I don’t wanna get anyone’s hopes up, it does sound like he actually expects cures more than just “buying time” – even with HSA. Addie and my Nikko are the same age (two months apart, Nikk was born in August of ’98) and from what I understand, seeing them actually staying in remission for years to come is quite possible.Are familiar with Ginger’s story? She didn’t use Neoplasene or anything other than diet and supplements and that beautiful dog lived for an additional 6.5 years post her splenectomy. I’ve read other stories of 3, 4 years or more also.Addie’s beautiful. I’m so glad she’s still enjoying life with you.

  8. Val – glad you found the other posts. I know the blog thing can get confusing. If you wish to email with any questions you can at: denicek@myself.com. Yes, we are convinced that Neo will help her fight. She still has a lot of puppy moments and doing well. Small episodes of cold paws which we think may be minor bleeds, but nothing major. I have read of other success stories, so there is hope!Best wishes to you and Nikko and keep us posted on the progress!!Denice and Addie

  9. My 9 year old Golden Retrieve Meka has external Hemangiosarcoma, she was only diagnosed two days ago. Our hearts are broken, any advice or information on this type of cancer would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You
    Meka's Family

  10. To anonymous: The best advice I can give you is to call Buck Mountain Botanicals,
    (Phone: 406.232.1185) and speak to Dr. Fox. Be prepared for his demeanor which can be gruff, especially if you ask questions that he feels are stupid or ignorant…

    That said, he can give you very good information on the use of neoplasene to treat external hemangio-sarcomas. Take his advice, use the medication, and your dog will have a much better chance at surviving than if you follow the traditional course of action prescribed by most mainstream vets these days.

    Please keep us updated.

  11. Hi Denise, It has been encouraging to read your notes and how well Addie did with the “treatments”, like so many other people have commented, we came across you and your notes only after getting the diagnoses ourselves of hemangio sarcoma. We received confirmation yesterday in fact that our 7 year old Berner and baby boy Skidmore has it in his nasal cavity, which is not too common according to the vet, We were offered a consult with the oncologist to discuss Radiation, or the Cyberknife tx, but not so much Chemo since the success rate is low. Without tx were have been told Skidmore has only a few months left…I don’t think this is an option but my husband feels he’s been poked and prodded too much, Is the Neoplast an option for us and do you have any learned things you would do differently? I am so glad it turned out well for you and Addie. Our Skid is such a fighter as he has other health issues too. ie: elbow dyslasia, hip dysplasia, bulging disc at L7/S1, a disc with no fluid and is on regular pain meds for the above, and weekly laser/massage treatments, ( he didn’t care for the accupuncture or the water treadmill treatments)On the other hand he is a happy boy and wags his tail and plays with his toys and the dogs at daycare…So confused by all I am hearing and reading. Sorry for the ramble, but your input would be appreciated. Skid and I thank you. πŸ™‚

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