July 21: Neoplasene Arrives

July 21, 2008

Addie had great energy this weekend. We couldn’t even tell she was sick. We hiked short distances both Saturday and Sunday with her. It was great to have her back to her old self!

The neoplasene arrived this afternoon! It was like Christmas. We are putting a lot of faith into this small bottle.

We served Addie her standard meal (standard for the last 5 days), and injected 1.2cc of the neoplasene into a few pieces of the chicken (we read that neoplasene has a horrible taste).

She didn’t even notice. She consumed the meal in her standard 20.5 seconds. We tried our best to get her to drink as much water as possible afterwards per Dr. Fox’s instructions. This is to help with absorption of the drug.

We were concerned because some dogs do have vomiting as a side effect, but she was good.

First dose down!

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