July 22: Day 2 of Neoplasene

July 22, 2008

Addie hasn’t quite had the energy over the past 2 days that she had Friday – Sunday. It could be that we overexerted her this weekend, or that we didn’t feed enough carbohydrates. We aren’t sure. She isn’t bad, just not full of energy.

Today was her first full day ( 2 meals) with the neoplasene. So far there have been no issues. We did cook up some bacon this morning and mix that and some of the resulting grease into both meals. This helped considerably in that she drank quite a bit of water afterwards. We also took away all water outside of 30 minutes past meal time per Dr. Fox’s instructions. That too helped her drink right after both meals.

She did run a bit this evening and even played a little ball. She does not seem anemic but her gums and tongue are not quite a red as they were previously. Her stitches are due to come out tomorrow — yea!

We plan to speak to the veterinarian about his thoughts.

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