Camping Trip

Addie had been doing pretty well last Thursday and Friday (7 out of 10), so we decided to take her and Shep camping for the weekend. We didn’t go far from home in case she had any issues. We thought it would be good for her to get out, sniff around, and take some walks. We also wanted to test prepackaging her meals in order to see if she would eat her new food cold. We precooked everything and put 2 meals in each baggie.

We got to our site on Friday at about 6pm. She was happy to run around, play in the creek, and smell “stuff”. She enjoyed her campfire warmed dinner! We took some extra bacon grease to help her want to drink water after eating.

She slept well Friday night and was up at her usual 6:40am (not 6:39 or 6:41), ready to go. It was her first time with her new food cold. She had no issues. We went on a leisure 2 hour hike, and she did well. We did take some lunch meat as a snack since she is no longer allowed the carb-loaded, standard dog treats. She kept up and had energy at the end. We all took a couple hour long nap, then went on a short 30 minute walk around the area. Again, she had good energy. She actually played very puppy-like with a stick.

We had been concerned about the lack of carbs in her diet. She does get tired in the afternoons, but has shown good energy in the morning and pretty good energy in the evenings after a day of napping.

We are looking forward to her appointment with the holistic veterinarian on Wednesday as we have all kinds of questions: supplements, is the neoplasene causing stomach issues, what about internal bleeding, etc. I already have a long list prepared!

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