Bed and Breakfast Get Away

Aunt Janet and Uncle Jeff thought it would be nice for all 4 of us to get away for the weekend, so they got us 2 nights at the Courtyard Country Inn in Westcliffe. What a wonderful gift! It was nice to relax, see some new areas, and do a couple of hikes.

We took it easy upon arrival on Friday. We did try something new with her meals. Upon several recommendations from the Neoplasene Yahoo group, we added a bit of yogurt after her meal. Although she hadn’t shown signs of stomach issues, we felt better if we gave her something to help coat her stomach. She seemed slightly nauseous Friday, night, but never got sick. We tried the yogurt again with Saturday’s breakfast.

After breakfast, we set out for what we thought was a short, easy hike. We figured whenever Addie showed signs of tiring, we would turn around and head back down hill. She made it all the way to the lake – 5 miles in! We did make sure there were streams along the way and shade. She lead the way and did not act tired at all. It was amazing! Not sure if she was just more recovered from the surgery, was having an extremely great day, or the yogurt gave her a bit of a pickup. She went back the 5 miles and was still doing really well.

Sunday, we did a shorter hike. Only about 4 miles. Once again, plenty of water along the way to cool off in. She didn’t seem tired, but we knew we should keep it short as she had about a 3 hour ride home.

Tonight she is tired, but she always was after a long fun weekend. For Sunday night’s dinner, I switched to cottage cheese vs. yogurt afterwards. I am a bit concerned with the amount of carbs in the yogurt if she is not going to burn it off right away. We will see how that goes for her.

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