Small Update

Addie has been taking neoplasene for almost 3 weeks now. So far, so good. We have made a few small changes with her diet, but otherwise, all is the same. Over the past week, she has had great energy (8/9 out of 10) and has enjoyed the Grandparent’s visit. Yesterday she went on a small hike with them, Dad, and Shep and had a wonderful time!

We are now giving her cottage cheese (1/4 cup) about 10-15 minutes prior to her meal. We are hoping that this is coating her stomach and protecting it against the neoplasene. We also stopped trying to inject the neoplasene into her cooked meat, and are now just mixing it with her powdered supplements and some liquid (grease, water, or a little yogurt) to make a paste to coat her food. She loves it anyway we serve it. We are very thankful that she is not a picky eater!

We also purchased some Yunnan Baiyao online “just in case”. It is a Chinese supplement that is supposed to help stop bleeding. I wanted to keep some on hand in case we notice her gums turning white or her paws getting cold both of which are signs of internal bleeding and are common with HSA. Other people have recommended this for dogs with HSA. I figured it couldn’t hurt to have it handy.

Finally, after reading all of the differing opinions on feeding garlic to dogs we have decided that it’s not worth the risk to continue with it. So, no more garlic in her diet.

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