Iron, B-Vitamins, and Yunnan Baiyao

The holistic veterinarian called us back yesterday evening.

He told us that cold paws may not only be a sign of internal bleeding but of low iron levels or of low red blood cell production from the bone marrow – all of which cause anemia.

To counter each of these possibilities he suggested Yunnan Baiyao three times daily (for only the next three days) and adding a B-vitamin complex to her supplements.

We also decided on our own that we will start feeding her more chicken liver which is iron rich.

This morning her paws were warm and her gums were pink. We will keep a close watch and update if anything changes for the better or worse.

Over the past several days Addie has had very good energy – almost to the point where she was prior to her spleen surgery. She does seem to tire easily if she exerts herself at a high level but if she is more even-keeled she seems to have longer lasting energy.

We are in the 6th week after the initial surgery and prognosis. This is the beginning of the range we were given for probable death. If we can make it 5 more weeks we will know that all of this has had some positive effect.

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