Week 5 Update

It has now been 5 weeks since her diagnosis. We are in a routine and things are going well. She had a great visit with the Grandparents last week!

She has been off the Yunnan for several days as her paws seem to be staying warmer. She still has great energy.

Yesterday we found a Natural Dog Food Store in town. They carry some very good products. We picked up a bag of Orijen kibble for Addie in case we can’t cook her a meal here or there. I don’t want to start using it fulltime yet, but for the occasional meal, it is really good food. 70% meats (no by-products), 30% fruits/vegetables, 0% grains. We did get another brand for Shep (our other dog) – Canidae. That one does have grains, but he is cancer free, so not bad for him. Also, no by-products.

Next week will be tough as we have decided to go ahead and take our planned vacation. Both dogs will be going to Aunt Janet and Uncle Jeff’s. It will quieter there than their typical boarding place. They will also be able to play with their cousins Lucy and little baby Mazie. In preparation for their stay, we have prepackaged Addie’s cooked meals into individual baggies to make it easier to prepare. She will also be off the Neoplasene for 7 days while there as we will be cycling her off: 6 weeks on/1 week off. We will be worried about her, but know she will be in good hands.

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