Still Doing Awesome!

Yes, it has been a few weeks since the last posting but, in this case, no news is good news!

Addie has really adapted well to the new diet and medication and she seems to be doing great.

Her energy level is good and she still enjoys our weekend hikes. We haven’t done anything too strenuous (just 2-3 hours one day each weekend). The leaves are really starting to change here in Colorado and it was a gorgeous day for our latest hike.

I had a comment last week from someone asking about Addie’s diet. I did respond directly but realized that we have tweaked her diet over the past few weeks. So, it probably would be helpful to post the entire diet plan again – just in case anyone was interested.

2 Times per day:
1/2 C. cottage cheese 15-20 minutes prior to items below (to coat stomach from Neoplasene)

1 C. cooked meat
1/2 C. cooked green veggies
1 scoop Fractionated Pectin (Thorne)
1 capsule Hepagen-C (Thorne)
2 cc Neoplasene (Buck Mountain Botanicals)
Krill Oil (1000mg)

1 Time per day:
CoQ10 (100mg)
Glucosamine (1200mg)
1 Vitamin B complex tablet (not within 2 hours of the Neoplasene as it can counteract effectiveness)

Although I know others with Hemangiosarcoma use Yunnan Baiyao every day, we only use it when we notice cold paws, pale gums, etc. It has only happened once since her diagnosis, but we keep a supply on hand.

Until next time!

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