Busy Few Weeks

Wow, it has been a busy few weeks.

Last week, Addie cycled off of the Neoplasene for 1 week (she goes 6 weeks on – 1 week off). This was her 2nd time of cycling off. The first time, we were on vacation, so we were curious how she would react. We expected her energy level to increase. However, it seemed to have the reverse effect. She seemed more lethargic and not herself. She also had 1 incident of cold paws. Once she went back on the Neoplasene, her energy level seemed to increase. This was not what we expected.

Aunt Amy came to visit for a long weekend. We had a great time!

Aunt Janet and Uncle Jeff left their dalmatians, Mazie (deaf) and Lucy (geriatric) with us for the week while they enjoyed a much needed vacation. Addie is dealing pretty well with the “puppy-ness” of Mazie. She has been playing with her, sharing the finer points of sit/down/stay, and having a great time.

While everyone was here last Sunday, Addie celebrated her 11th birthday! We are so thankful that she is still here and we are looking forward to #12.

So far, things are still looking very good for her and we have seen no negative signs.

The picture above is her with her birthday present – a Kong Wubba. We thought it would be indestructible. We were wrong 🙂

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