5 Month Update

Well, it as been just over 5 months and Addie is still doing amazingly well. She still has energy and playfulness. Her Kong Wooba is her newest and greatest toy. She loves that thing! I had to go to PetsMart the other day and buy a few more “non-destructible” squeak toys for Christmas for her, just because.

Her cousins Mazie and Lucy are coming tonight and staying with us through Christmas. The puppy is growing up quickly and knows not to irritate Addie too much. She still jumps all over Shep, but knows not to do that to Addie. Addie lost patience for puppies a few years ago 🙂

Wishing everyone a wonderful, healthy Holiday Season!

5 thoughts on “5 Month Update

  1. Hi … our dogs were both diagnosed with HSA around the same time, and I have been following your blog for a few months. Sadly, we lost our Tucker last Monday (12/22). He developed a major bleed on Sunday, and even Yunnan couldn’t help him. By Monday morning, we knew it was time to help him cross the Bridge. It has been so hard since he passed … we miss him terribly. I am so glad that you got to spend Christmas with Addie … we were so hoping to have one more Christmas with Tucker, but it wasn’t meant to be. I hope you will have many more happy healthy months with Addie. Take care!

  2. Hello.Great Blog- Great Dog!!!My pit bull, Indiana Jones, had the very same problem this past December 23rd. She was weak, anemic and not eating. The emergency vet found blood in her stomach and both they and the vet I went to for a second opinion said a month to live is optimistic. I was prepared to let her pass peacefully here at home but she’s putting up such a fight and her bloating (due to the internal bleeding) is getting real bad. I am very afraid of the surgery as both vets said that it is a tough surgery for healthy young dogs to pull through, let along a 10 year old with internal bleeding. They said she may need a blood transfusion, would take 2-3 days in the hospital to recover, and may even lose her on the table. They also mentioned that it’s 90% sure cancer and will only kill her in a few more months anyway. So I figured a stressful and questionable surgery isn’t worth it just to see her suffer all over again in a few months time. But now I read about your Addie and how she seemed to come through surgery just fine and is enjoying life every day! Did Addie do well with any other surgeries she may have had in the past? Such as when she was spayed? My Indie did not do well with anesthesia so the vets are nervous to do surgery on her. I’m just trying to keep her happy and comfortable in these days but the bloating is getting real bad and she’s starting to have trouble passing anything. She’s hardly eating at this point regardless of my homemade healthy foods. I’m so conflicted because I was told she’d most likely go in a matter of days and we’re getting on 16 days now. Yes, she’s looking worse, but no -her eyes have not accepted her fate. Not one bit is she ready to go. Hope your Addie is well and so happy for you and your family that you had Christmas together! Thanks for your blog.-ingrid

  3. Ingrid,Thank you so much for your post. It is such a tough choice and whichever one you make will be right. Addie was ok previously with surgery. We have had her put under for teeth cleaning, spay, etc. and she was always good. She also had the transfusion and was hospitalized for several days. It had not spread at that time so we are optimistic. I have read stories of others that are celebrating 4th birthday’s after, but also many others that are far less fortunate. Do what you think is right for you both and our thought will be with you and Indie!Denice and Addie

  4. Denice,Thanks for answering my comment. I’m going back to my vet today and will discuss surgery again. I’m very nervous about it because as I said, she did terrible with her spaying surgery and took two days to recover. And that surgery isn’t even an over-nighter! Today the vet is planning to simply drain out the overload of fluid (blood) in her abdomen. It will only help her with the discomfort of being so bloated. She looks so gross and I know she’s not happy. But I also know she’s still a fighter because she woke me up at 4 am this morning to play with her bone! I love your Christmas video of Addie- so much like my Indie with the way she unwraps her presents and spits out the paper!! So cute! I really like how you have this blog going to give people an idea of what to expect and such. I’ll be sure to post my progress after today just to let you know. Happy New Year to you and Addie!!

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