January 6, 2009

Watch Addie open her Christmas present

Happy New Year everyone.

2008 was a challenging time but we are grateful that Addie is still with us as we head into 2009.

It was wonderful having her with us at Christmas. I know others were not as fortunate. We did spoil her with new squeaky toys that she enjoys every day. Grandma was also able to visit for the first time since Addie’s diagnosis. It was great to have the whole family (including doggie cousins Lucy and Mazie) with us over the holidays.

We have been a bit concerned over the past couple of days because Addie’s paws seem to be cold and her gums are more pale than normal. We have been giving more frequent doses of Yunnan which seems to help. We believe she had an internal bleed and hope that it has stopped.

We made an appointment with the holistic vet to get her 6 month, post-diagnosis checkup. We have noticed some subcutaneous lumps but we are not sure if they are serious or just fatty deposits that she has been getting for years. We hope Dr. Friedly will calm our worries later this week.

3 thoughts on “January 6, 2009

  1. Addie looks like an awesome dog. Before I rescued my pit bull, I was thinking on getting a rotti! I just love them.I hope Addie is doing well and enjoying her days. My Indiana is still putting up a fight and seems to be in denial that she has cancer. She’s 10 1/2, day 17 after diagnosis of hemangiosarcoma. No surgery due to her bad experiences with anesthesia in the past. The vets agree with me on this. The past few days have shown a drastic increase in her bloating, and a drastic decrease in her muscle mass. Before she had any of this she was a picture of health- teeth, eyes, skin, coat – always complimented by vets etc. I went to my vet the other night to see if they could drain some of the fluid out of her but they could not. The fluid is 100% blood and it would have killed her on the spot to drain her of all that blood. I’m told that her body is still able to absorb some of that misplaced blood so it’s best to leave it there for now.. She has some moments of total weakness and no eating, but other days, like today- she’s still up and about – chewing on her bone and tearing up her Christmas toys and beggin for meatballs!! She’s starting to look weird as I’m used other all muscle and strength, but neither of us are ready to call it quits just yet. Her special diet is hard to keep up with as she is such a picky pit bull. She’s sick of ham, sick of chicken, and getting tired of meat balls. Tuna it is!! And still the canned pumpkin to help her pass her stools. That’s my update. Don’t know if anyone else will ever read this or not – but I found that the many stories like Addie’s have helped me get through this. It’s a big part of my support system as I my best friend closes in on her end of days. -ingrid

  2. Ingrid,So, so sorry that the vets could not do anything to help right now. I can’t imagine what a horrible feeling that is. Each day we fear facing exactly what you are facing right now. I read online groups daily about hemangiosarcoma but have not read anything that may help you. Sorry.Cherish every minute with Indiana as I know you are and we will all be hoping the best for you both.Denice and Addie

  3. Hi Denise and Addie,
    I just want you to know that I have been watching your blog since February 16th 2009 when my baby boy Kaylib (12 year old, rott, dobe, shep mix) got his labs back from his splenectomy. Kaylib is still going strong after his hemangiosarcoma knock on wood and your experiences have given us faith. Thank you Addie for being strong and healthy and thank you Denise for sharing your experiences.

    Peace…Christian and Kaylin

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