6 Month Vet Checkup

With Addie’s recent cold paw issues, we thought we would go in a few days early for her 6 month checkup with the holistic vet.

All seems to be going well. Her pulse is good, he couldn’t feel any lumps (other than the old and new fatty deposits), and her gums, paws, and tongue were all good and pink during the visit. He confirmed that giving her Yunnan when she has issues and stopping after the episode has passed is the best course of action. Otherwise, effectiveness of the drug may diminish.

He told us that everything relating to her diet was fine but that we might need to add some trace minerals if the half cup of kibble we include with each meal does not have any. We checked the Orijen label and it does add some vitamins and minerals. We will check with him tomorrow to make sure they are enough. He also said cooked food was good as he didn’t want to take a chance with salmonella or any other issues that may come with uncooked meat.

She has beaten the odds so far, and we cherish every day. I read so many sad stories every day of others that are not as fortunate. It truly is heartbreaking. We know that day will come for us as well. But in the meantime, we give her many kisses a day and try to make every day special for her and us. Every day truly is a blessing.

3 thoughts on “6 Month Vet Checkup

  1. I’m very glad to hear that Addie is still doing well. I wonder, had my Indiana been able to do surgery, how much more time I would have had with her. She was such a fighter, she may have fought on for quite some time. Unfortunately, the two different animal hospitals, as well as myself and friends and family, knew that Indiana was a bad candidate for surgery. She would not have survived. However she put up a big fight with her hemangiosarcoma cancer and gave me 19 days with her after diagnosis. On January 9th, I watched her go from her recent behavior of weak, but happy, too uncomfortable and worried. I sat with her all night knowing what I would have to do the following morning. She had an exceptionally bad night that night and even threw up all that she had eaten that morning. Her bloating was exceptionally increased and her eyes were starting to show the signs we all dread. Saturday morning she could not walk more than a few feet, and finally collapsed at one point. We got the car ready to take her in to the vet. I feared she’d fight long enough to put herself in pain if I did not end it for her. It was difficult getting her to the car and I had a makeshift harness from my scarf wrapped around her chest to guide her and help keep her standing. She made it to the car, and made it to the vets. However in the parking lot, once she saw where she was, she got down on the floor of the car and died. She knew I didn’t have it in me to make the final decision. She has been pretty much my only reason for living and the only thing getting me through my days. Solitude will be a strange adjustment for me. But like her, my pit bull – I plan to be a fighter and stick things out until the bitter end.I thank you, and Addie, for your stories which comforted me in these past 19 days. I will peek in from time to time to see how Addie is doing and will certainly keep her and all of you in my prayers. -ingrid

  2. Ingrid,I am so very sorry to hear about Indiana. I cried for you when I read your post. I do not look forward to the day when we have to make that trip to the vet, but I hope I remember all the great years that Addie gave us and eventually will be able to remember those with a smile vs. a tear. Our thoughts are with you through this terrible time.Denice and Addie

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