6 Month Anniversary!

I’m a little late posting, but last week was Addie’s official 6th month anniversary – post diagnosis. We bought her celebratory extra tasty (though no by-products or flour) treats to celebrate as well as gave her many extra kisses! As her vet said “she has beaten all the odds”. We are definitely cherishing every day she is with us. She is still doing well – likes to hike, play with her toys, and cannot resist searching out squirrels (though hard to find in winter..). We are hoping for many more months of good health.

2 thoughts on “6 Month Anniversary!

  1. HOORAY!!!Keep on doing what you’re doing! Cherish every second! She looks great! I’m on day 11 without my Indiana. Got her ashes last Saturday. It’s not getting easier, it’s just not. I have photos, videos, and memories to keep me happy. I have to think of the awesome times we had, not the awesome times we would be having if she had survived. But that’s hard to do as I’m sure you understand. She was pretty much my shadow.I know I had 19 days with Indie after she was diagnosed, but it still feels like the cancer snuck up on us. She was so athletic and healthy!! So keep on fighting Addie!!! Suck every ounce of fun and love and joy you can out of life!!!! I’m routing for you!!!!

  2. Hi. I am so happy for you and your Addie. Wow! You certainly are beating all the odds regarding this terrible ‘hemangiosarcoma’ My experience with my ‘girl’ was fast and furious. She died on December 30, 2008 just shy of 2 months after diagnosis. As you can imagine, the loss of my companion of 13 and a half years is beyond consolation and as raw today as the day she died. I hope you guys are the miracle story (so far, you are). Addie looks like a great dog living a great life. Dog Bless.

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