Happy 1 Year Anniversary Addie!

Today is Addie’s 1 year anniversary post surgery. We are so excited that she is still with us 1 year after that horrible day when several doctors told us she would not see the month of October.

Today, we will celebrate with a big steak dinner for her and plenty of puppy kisses πŸ™‚

Unfortunately, Shep, our other dog is having his own issues. We have discovered several lumps on him that are multiplying daily. The biopsy was inconclusive, and we have an appointment with an oncologist on Thursday. We so hope that he does not have to go through cancer too.

But today, we are celebrating with them both and feeling very fortunate.

8 thoughts on “Happy 1 Year Anniversary Addie!

  1. I've been thinking about you with the start of July. It's such a strange time for me as Indiana and I would have been celebrating our 10 anniversary together at the end of June, and July 15th she would have had her 12 birthday. And I knew Addie was coming up on her full year of fighting cancer.
    Sorry to hear about Shep. You will all be in my prayers, for health, strength, and praise for Addie's survival!

  2. Hi Denice,
    I too am seeing Dr. Friedly for the same exact disease for my dog Dina. I would love to talk with you because she just had surgery a month ago and was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma. Its very encouraging to read about Addie's Journey. I am so glad she is doing so well. If you would kindly contact me I would appreciate it.
    I can be reached at 303-809 3869
    thanks so much Christine

  3. Just found your blog. It is great! So thrilled at your success with neoplasene and love reading about Addie and her adventures. Hope that Shep is well too. My little Cairn terrier was just diagnosed with lymphoma and we are hoping to start with neoplasene soon. Our holistic vet is researching it. In the meantime we are giving him supplements and LOTS of extra love!
    Keep up the posts…they are a huge source of encouragement for all of us newbies dealing with these difficult times. Lynne

  4. Happy, happy, happy anniversary. A year is totally unbelievable. What a wonderful gift for you all. I hope that Shep will be fine and lucky in life as well. Sincerely.

  5. Hi everyone,

    I hope you're staying strong and positive about both dogs. Addie seems to be beating the odds very nicely, and I really hope that Shep does too. (Frankly, I hope that all dogs with this disease can beat it, but I guess that's asking too much.)

    I'm here with my little guy, and I'm wondering… You look for “cold paws” to indicate an internal bleed, right? Well, I am often told to look for a pale tongue to indicate an internal bleed, but my boy's tongue tends to get pale for a few minutes and then return to normal. I'm hoping that this is just a small circulation issue and that he's pooling his blood elsewhere for brief periods, but I thought I'd see if you knew much of this… Do your dogs get pale tongues sometimes?

    Thanks. Please stay positive and enjoy those sweet dogs πŸ™‚

  6. Val,

    Thanks for the post regarding Addie and Shep. We are trying to stay strong for both of them.

    As to the paws/tongue question: For us, the paws are a good indication as it is easy for us to judge the temperature and she likes to shake paws πŸ™‚ But, I also secondarily look at her tongue which often gives me a signal when she is panting. I noticed post surgery her tongue is not as red as it used to be, but I use that as a clue too of not much blood flow. Third, we look at her gums.

    I have not noticed her tongue going pale, then red again immediately. It usually is pale and stays that way for a while. If it was only for a few minutes, I'm not sure I would be too concerned personally, but would just monitor it. We generally don't give the Yunnan until her paws have been cool or tongue pale for at least 30 minutes.

    Best wishes to you and Niko.

    Denice, Addie, and Shep

  7. Thanks for the info.

    I should tell you, I didn't expect to do this, but I've almost completely revamped our approach, even dropping Neoplasene out of the mix (at least for right now)…

    I discovered Cantron, also called Cancell and Protocel and Jim's Juice, amongst other names… Since Neoplasene may have been responsible for Nik's bout with internal bleeding, I decicded to back off of it and try other methods that also came highly regarded. It's so hard to say with any certainty whether this was the right choice or not, and I may very well re-introduce Neoplasene soon (maybe at a lower dosage), but right now, our new mix of Cantron, Astragalus, BioPreparation (an alge similar to the human version — Spirulina), Fract Pectin, Shark Cartilege, and a few other supplements and herbs, seems to be my best choice for him… Honestly, I think his reiki treatments and acupuncture could be more integral than the modality of herbs and supplements, but it's anyone's guess, really.

    I feel bad for Shep's health, and I really hope he pulls through this like his sister is. They both seem so sweet… Reading about his panting makes me sad 😦

  8. Oh, I almost forgot:

    Vitamin B17!!

    Check out “World Without Cancer” on YouTube. It claims that cancer is merely a deficiency in B17, and it explains how to get it. There have been some MIRACLE stories from B17 (aka laetrile).

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