August 10th

It has been a very rough week and a half without our sweet boy. Everyplace we look, a lot of things we do, reminds us of him. I never knew that one’s heart could hurt so much.

We took one last hike with Shep yesterday to his memorial site. He would have loved the hike and we think he would love his memorial spot. He gets to oversee everything from his perch including our home. That’s what he liked to do at all times – make sure he could see everything and ensure everyone was safe.

Addie had a rough time of it last week without Shep. She was very depressed. We are trying to keep her playing with her toys and chasing her ball to keep her active. We hope she is coming out of it now. It can’t be good for her with cancer to be stressed. She did do really well on the hike yesterday. It was a tough one and we were out for about 5 hours, but she hung in there. We were a little concerned as she did have cooler paws yesterday morning. We took some Yunnan with us and gave her another during the hike. Although a little slow moving today (but we all are…), she is doing well. We don’t want to deprive her of the things she loves either- like hikes and such.

Her 13th month anniversary is upon us and we are grateful to still have her here. She has been a great comfort over the past several days and we hope she is with us for years to come.

3 thoughts on “August 10th

  1. I'm glad you guys were able to take that hike and take Addie with you. I'm sure Shep loves the spot and is watching from above. Just letting you know that we're all here thinking about you, and hoping that this difficult time will get easier soon…

    So happy that Addie is doing okay, and 13 months is amazing.

    PS: My laptop crashed over a week ago and I lost you guys' email address. Send me a line some time, when it feels right. Hugs.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your sweet boy, Shep. It's so disappointing how wonderful Neoplasene can be for one dog and not for another. I think about that often. My condolences to you.

    As for Addie, I'm so happy that she is doing so well. It's really great news. She's a special girl.


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