Happy 12th Birthday Addie!!

I love this picture of Addie. It was taken right after she ate her daily cottage cheese. She always wears it on her chin 🙂

When Addie was first diagnosed one year ago this past July, we hoped she would make it to her 11th birthday. All the ‘doctors’ said she wouldn’t but she did. Now, this week she turns 12!

She has her ups and downs but we attribute that mostly to her old age – not the cancer. Given her breed and weight (she weighs in right around 70lbs) she is considered to be in her “geriatric” years. She is stiff when she gets up, her eyes are cloudy, and she likes to sleep in as much as possible, but that’s what the retirement years are all about. Still, she has her moments like taking on Finigan the puppy in a wrestling match now and then and she still loves to play with her tennis balls and squeaky toys.

Happy 12th Birthday Baby Girl!!

3 thoughts on “Happy 12th Birthday Addie!!

  1. That is quite an accomplishment considering the how this disease progresses in most dogs. You and Addie are the envy (inthekindestway) of us all. She lives our fantasy.

    Happy 11th !

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