18 Month Milestone!

This is a retro picture of Addie from many years ago. She was about to get a bath and was not very happy 😦

We are celebrating, Addie has made it 18 months post diagnosis! She was only given 8-10 weeks in July, 2008 and she is still here to receive our kisses every day. We could not be happier!

She has had a rough time of it these past few weeks. About 3 weeks ago, she was playing with Finigan and slipped on the ice and injured her back right hip. After a week, she was getting better, and then she re injured it. The weird thing was the next morning, she was then favoring her front left leg. Then that started getting better, then yesterday worse.

Being the worried parent, I was also concerned about her fur being very dry, and her shedding terribly even though it is winter. Also, we found 2 additional lumps within her abdomen. So, we made an appointment with her holistic vet – Dr. Friedly to have her checked out. He believes that the issue with her legs is that she was putting too much weight on the front leg to support the back leg and then she ended up injuring the front. He also believes the 2 lumps to just be the standard fatty kind she often develops. It is sad to see her slowing down and having issues. I hope the legs are not giving out due to the cancer, but it is tough seeing her age so much as well. She is almost 11 1/2, and at 70#, she is definitely experiencing her age. But we do all we can to make her comfortable and loved every day.

Right now, she is curled up at my feet snoring 🙂

4 thoughts on “18 Month Milestone!

  1. I'm inspired by Addie's journey. I live in North Carolina and I'm trying to locate a vet that will work with me to treat my dog Otto with who has an oral malignant melanoma. I feel like the door keeps getting shut in my face. I anyone happens across this blog and knows of a vet in the Raleigh/Durham area, please let me know. Thank you!

  2. Oh, and here's a picture of Otto (hopefully it shows up) before any signs of the tumor. Now it looks like he has a ball in the right side of his mouth but he's still adorable.

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