Overdue Update

Yes, it has been a long while since the last post.

May was packed with travel – we took a week long vacation to the Caribbean and shortly after returning home we went back to Indiana to watch the Indy 500 and visit with family.

Addie and Finigan have seen more than their fair share of the kennel over those past few weeks.

Now that mud season is mostly over and things are drying out we have been able to take a few hikes. Most recently we tackled a couple of 11,000+ foot peaks near the Tarryall Reservoir. It was a tough off trail hike. There was lots of dead-fall and steep terrain which made it pretty demanding. Addie was terribly tired at the end of the day but she made it nonetheless. We estimated that we traveled somewhere between 7-8 miles that day – mostly up and down hill – both of which are strenuous.

Finigan still has issues with aggressive behavior even though we have worked with him extensively with two separate trainers. This past weekend we took a short easy hike on a well traveled trail. There are bikers, hikers, and joggers on the trail and it is fairly busy on the weekend. For whatever reason, Addie loves to bark at bikers. She doesn’t ever act aggressive or chase she just loves to bark at them…well, Finigan thinks that because Addie is barking that the biker must be a threat. So, he runs up to them and barks aggressively with hair raised and teeth bared. We are worried that he might cross the line at some point. After that incident one of us hiked ahead and prepped anyone coming down the trail with a treat. Having everyone he met on the trail give him a treat seemed to help. No more aggressive behavior towards anyone for the rest of the hike – even bikers.

He is a work in progress. Just hope we can fix this problem – I hate having the dog that people are scared of on the trail…not cool.

Addie is doing the same. She is certainly geriatric. Not much running and lots of sleeping. On a positive note, the eye drops we are giving her seem to be helping. Just the other day she spotted a black bear behind our house in a steady drizzle. Of course the barking symphony that ensued was annoying but we were both surprised that she could see well enough to pick the bear out in the drizzle. Her hearing, on the other hand, is getting worse. Nothing we can do about that. I’m sure the bones in her ears are hardening just like what happens to people as they age. In four months she will be 13 years old. We think she is doing pretty darned good for her age. It is hard to believe she has been with us for so long.

2 thoughts on “Overdue Update

  1. I just love old dogs…there is something so very sweet about them.
    Anyone who gets to accompany a dog on this journey is fortunate indeed. Enjoy your time.

    As to the aggression issue with F. That is such a tough one. It sounds like you are doing most of the right things — maybe just more time? I heard and it worked for me, is to have less off-leash time and more on-leash time until the dog feels totally secure that you are in charge. I have done that when my new dog started getting a little cocky and barky at people.

    Anyway, I am by no means a dog trainer or expert, but I just read a lot and try things. Hope that helps a bit.

    Cheers and keep the faith.

  2. Thanks for the update. I too love old dogs, they're just so extra special. I feel like I missed out not getting to see my girl get old. Yesterday would have been our 11th anniversary, and July 15th she would have been 12.
    But now I'm with a new crazy puppy and I hear ya on the training issues!!! I'm sure you'll all work it out. You have the main thing needed to train a dog: dedication.

    thanks again for the update, and give the old girl a hug for me!

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