2 Year Anniversary Post Diagnosis!!

Addie and Finigan waiting on Addie’s Anniversary special treat

Addie enjoying a ride in the country

A beautiful summer hike through the flowers

Camping trip with Pikes Peak as a backdrop

When this past July 15 was finished, Addie had managed to live 24 months beyond the date she was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma. Not too bad given that she was not expected to make it past the 4-8 week time frame.

How much more we can expect from our 12-1/2 year old baby is unknown but we are thankful for every day she stays with us.

The remarkable thing is that over the summer she has not had any issues. She has been active, playful, and warm paws all around.

Happy Anniversary Addie!

2 thoughts on “2 Year Anniversary Post Diagnosis!!

  1. This dog is one in a million. What do you think is the most important factor of her amazing survival? Just curious as this disease is so devastating to most others.

    Wish you continued good health.

  2. Cowgirl,

    You know, great question. It could just be she is one of the rare few who just survive. It could be the neoplasene and that we started using it really early. Or That she is mostly Rottie and they deflect cancer as the recent study post suggested. I wish I knew so that more pups could be with us today. That Shep could still be with us…

    I hope someone figures this out soon.


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