Addie Update

Unfortunately, I had to be out of town for a few days and was not able to help Rob take care of Addie. But he did a great job getting her to eat, stopping the diarrhea, and keeping her safe from running into furniture and falling down stairs.

I am amazed how much better she is today than she was on Saturday. She is eating her full amount of food (since it is still hard for her to navigate her head into the bowl we are holding it up for her). Her bowel also seems to have returned to normal. Although very wobbly, she is walking on her own and managing stairs (we are right there to catch her as needed). She even decided to friskily walk down to the neighbors this morning as she used to do every morning prior to the onset of the vestibular disease. She is wagging her tail and not sleeping as much.

She still has the head tilt though. I’ve read that this may not go away. We are hoping that by massaging her neck and shoulders (which does seem to help) that it will eventually get better.

Our main vet has retired but his replacement was very helpful to Rob in the first few days trying to figure out how to clear up the diarrhea and any interference issues with the Neoplasene. Our holistic vet was out sick, so she even called Dr. Fox (the creator of Neoplasene) to see if she could do any more. We took her off of the Neoplasene to help her digestive tract heal. We will resume giving it to her at the end of this coming weekend. We aren’t very worried about her being off of it since her chest x-rays came back so clean during the emergency visit last Friday night.

She is amazing in how she keeps fighting whatever is thrown at her. She is quite the inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Addie Update

  1. Oh I am so sorry to hear of her new issue, yet thrilled to hear that the HSA is nowhere to be seen. Truly amazing! Keep going Addie! The energizer bunny has nothin' on you!

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