Addie Update – March 31st

Addie never fails to amaze me. Not that she has done anything that most people would call a WOW action. She isn’t doing back flips through hoops or saving people from avalanches. She is just living her happy life. And that is what amazes me. I take inspiration from her. She is old. Being 70ish pounds and being 13 and 1/2, is quite extraordinary. Then add on that she was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma 2 1/2 years ago and wasn’t supposed to see Christmas that year. And then she got vestibular syndrome last summer which totally threw off her balance. But every morning she gets up, happy as ever. She trots (and dare I say runs) up the drive way with Finigan each morning to see the neighbor dogs. She grabs one of her toys as if it is the best toy ever and throws it around. She romps with Finigan, falls down, but just gets right back up again to play more. It reminds me that no matter what, enjoy the life you have each and every minute. She may not be here a year from now, or tomorrow, but she reminds me that TODAY is what is important.

I try to remember this as so much has happened in the past week. My triathlon coach’s dog, who looked so much like Addie just passed away last week. My sister and brother in law’s dog (Addie’s cousin) Manya just passed unexpectedly a couple of days ago. She will be missed very much. And a friend from several years ago is fighting breast cancer for the 2nd time at the age of 40.

Thanks Addie for teaching me every day that life is precious and just enjoy today.

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