Addie’s Progress

Yup, our little girl turned 14 last weekend.  I was reading through some of her past posts earlier today and was just thinking how thankful we were.  I was reading one that we had written right after her 13th birthday.  We were not sure if she would be here a year later, but we wanted to cherish every day we had.  Well, she’s still here baby!

We took this video last Saturday when we were out hiking. You can see she still acts like a puppy from time to time, but she also still falls down on occasion.  We believe that is a still side effect from her vestibular disease.  Her head tilt is almost nonexistent, but she does lose her balance from time to time.  But as you can see, it really does not slow her down in the slightest!

We do not go on long hikes anymore and we keep them fairly easy.  But we so enjoy getting outside and enjoying the awesome Colorado scenery and we just love seeing Addie enjoy herself.  I truly think that is the best park of our hikes (aka walks in the woods).  There has only been one time this year when we did not take her.  That was when we went to go visit Shep’s memorial spot.  It is a tough hike for us humans, let alone an aging pup.  W did take Finigan, but left Addie at home to sleep.  We felt bad, but hopefully she slept the whole time and didn’t notice we were gone!

Last night while I was getting my hair cut, another stylist had her husband stop by to pick her up.  He brought in their “puppy”.  He was an 11 month old rottie.  So smart and so darn cute at 78#!.  Everyone in the shop stopped and came over to pet and play with the puppy for a good 10 minutes.  I started talking to another lady that was getting her hair cut too.  She told me the story of how she had a rottie a few years back.  She lived until she was 15!  It seems these rotties are resilient…

5 thoughts on “Addie’s Progress

  1. Hi! I’m so happy for you and Addie! I’m also still incredibily thankful that you post your stories! Keep up the good work and here’s to another wonderfully long and loving year for Addie. 🙂

  2. I’m so happy that I just found your blog. Our dog Shy was diagnosed with HSA today after an emergency splenectomy last week. We have an appointment with a holistic vet near us next week. I’m hoping since no other tumors were visible that we might have a shot at having just a bit longer with her. Nine years old is just too young 😦
    Thanks for the information and I will definitely ask about the Neoplastene next week.

  3. I don’t know how I found your blog, but I am thankful just like everyone else who has posted a note:). My Molley, a golden retriever, will be turning 6 on Decmeber 1 and just had a spleenectomy Friday, Nov 18,2011. The Friday prior, Molley became lame and I knew it was bad. We scheduled films of her hips and back which not only revealed severe hip dysplagia, but a grapefruit-sized mass on her spleen. She was asymptomatic-what mass? We are recovering from the surgery at this very moment, quite well, actually. There were 2 “discolorations” on her liver and this was also biopsied. No other masses were seen. She is eating, drinking and “using the restroom” normally. I am seriously planning to initiate Addie’s diet once we get the official diagnosis next week. I know that sounds horrible, but I am certain it will not be good news. I heard about “bloodroot” from my vet who just put down another Golden with HSA.The owner had been using the neoplasene and lengthened the dogs life by a year. I am not sure about dietary change, will be sure to ask. Coincidentally, I have a holistic vet friend I will be calling asap. My concern is how to treat the hips AND the cancer since neoplasene works by process of inflammation (??) and we need meds for her inflammed hips. Hmmmmm. At the end of the day, I just want her to be happy and comfortable. She has brought us such joy and this is the least I can do for her. I will be sure to keep everyone posted and still am PRAYING HARD the spleenic masses were benign…

    • Just wanted to leave a little update about Shy. She’s recovered really well from the spleen surgery and is running around like her old self. We had an appointment with the holistic vet and he did some acupuncture and gave her some supplements to include in her diet. She’s now on concentrated Vitamin A, Mitake mushroom and some additional stuff that I can’t remember or spell :)! Our doctor said his experience was that dogs who didn’t show signs of the tumors spreading seemed to have a significantly longer life span than the 40-45 days our vet originally told us. Fingers crossed!

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