Updated Blood Report

She is NOT excited to wear the Santa hat!

Let me start by saying, we felt so blessed that we were able to spend another Christmas with Addie!  She enthusiastically opened another fun toy to be enjoyed until she or Finigan decide to annihilate it 🙂

Addie was scheduled for follow-up blood work before Christmas.  Earlier, there was great concern over her kidney’s.  As mentioned, her regular vet clearly stated that Addie would be lucky to live another 6 months.  Well, new blood tests reveal that her kidneys are fine.  Go figure.

Unfortunately, her ALT Is very high, as is her Alk Phosphatase.  At this time, they are thinking liver damage or possibly a thyroid issue.  We increased her dosage of Hepagen-C and also added Sam-e to her list of supplements.  We will retest again January 10th.  Her holistic vet believes the liver deterioration is a greater concern than the cancer at this point.  We need to keep her ALT below 200 to limit the negative effect on her body.  Currently it is 190, up from 129 in September and 93 in July.

Signs we need to look for concerning her liver include:

  • enlarged abdomen
  • vomiting
  • yellow around eyes and/or gums

So far, we have not seen any of those signs.  We are thankful.

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