Addie’s New Vet

Addie enjoying the Costa Rican sun..

Addie had her first appointment with her new vet in Costa Rica.  Nothing wrong, but we wanted to make sure and get her established with a vet right away.  We took in her 6″ of historical paperwork from both of her previous vets in Colorado including the last 3 blood test results.  The Dr. reviewed those, did an initial exam and verified that her ear infection she had the week before departure was indeed all clear.  She speaks wonderful English as she went to school and practiced in Texas prior to practicing in Costa Rica.  It is helpful that she speaks English well as our Spanish is no bueno!

She assessed that given Addie’s age and medical history, she is doing well!  The liver numbers are a concern being over 200, but she said she has seen a dog with ALT’s over 2,000 so that is encouraging and Addie show so signs of liver issues such as retaining water, yellow gums or yellowing of the eyes.  So for now, Addie gets 2 thumbs up!

And a great side benefit of this?  Addie’s initial exam and office visit cost us less than $14!  Back in Colorado, that type of visit is between $50 and $65!

1 thought on “Addie’s New Vet

  1. Glad to hear she’s doing well!! I wish I could see a vet for $14! Our office visit here in Philly, PA is $89.00!!!

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