4 Years Post Diagnosis!

It is a very special day here… we are celebrating Addie’s 4th anniversary of being diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma.  Of course we are not really celebrating the cancer or the diagnosis.  We are really celebrating her sheer determination to not let it stop her!

These past 4 years have been quite a ride, but we have all grown along the way.  Now, we are able to take in stride the daily cooking of her meals, obtaining her large supply of supplements, maintaining those supplements (as none of them can be obtained here in Costa Rica), the UTI’s, and the ear infections.  They all just seem normal.

The amazing thing to us is that not only has she lived 3.75 years longer than all the vets said she would, but she is just a few short months away from her 15th birthday as well!  Even a healthy, cancer free, 70+ pound dog would be lucky to make it to this age.

She sure likes to keep breaking all the boundaries that people put in front of her!

Happy Anniversary Baby Girl!!

7 thoughts on “4 Years Post Diagnosis!

  1. Way to go Addie! You are a SUPER DOG!!! I love that you’re proving to everyone that with persistence, positive thoughts, parents who research everything and good vets who just don’t give up, anything can be accomplished! Our Daisy was diagnosed with a bleeding cardiac hemangiosarcoma and she overcame her’s too, doing much the same thing that you’ve been doing with Addie! Unfortunately we let our vet “try chemo” and she went into kidney failure within 2 weeks… we learned our lesson. You are all an inspiration! Keep it up Addie!!! It’s also inspiring that your parents were able to take care of you and didn’t stop living too and were able to make the move to Costa Rica! Very inspiring!! We know how hard it is to move somewhere where the vet care is not up to the standard you’re used to and how challenging it can be to find the right vet who can help!

  2. I am reading this blog half crying half laughing. I am sitting in the vets survey, my beautiful boy Jedi is on a drip and he is about to go and have his spleen removed. 8 days ago we lost our beautiful Evie to Hermangiosarcoma. And I’m not ready to lose another one.

    Thanks for blogging. Will read more while he is in surgery.

  3. Your blog about Addie was our inspiration to try Neoplasene on our 9 year old black lab, Toby, back at the end of July, 2011. He had collapsed, had an emergency splenectomy at Purdue, and was diagnosed with malignant hemangiosarcoma. Our options were do nothing with life expectancy of 1-3 months or chemo with life expectancy of maybe 9 months. I was able to find a local holistic vet who thought Neoplasene made a lot of sense. We began the regimen along with cooking Toby’s food.

    We had to put Toby down in May, 2012 – he made it 10 months. BUT, we had to do it because he was quite lame from problems with his neck and his last days were quite painful, which we were trying to manage. When he quit eating we knew it was time.

    We suggested to our vet that a necropsy be done to see where Toby stood with the hemangiosarcoma. Purdue was interested, did the necropsy & it showed NO CANCER anywhere!
    They confirmed the original diagnosis.

    I thought Purdue would be all over investigating Neoplasene, but they are dubious about the drugs purity, etc., etc. I was told that if there were 10 dogs with Toby’s results, they would be more interested, so I am going to email them about your blog. Hopefully, more people will respond with their positive results.

    Thank you so much for doing this blog! And, wow, 4 years of treatment and almost 15 years old!!!!

    • Sorry we haven’t posted recently! No news is good news yes? 🙂 Addie is still doing well. She is having some issues getting up and down, but we are giving her a little more exercise to build her leg muscles and it seems to be helping. We are also moving close to a lake next week and are going to start taking her swimming too. Hopefully that will be good for her.

  4. That’s great news. I have my second dog in 5 weeks diognosed and I’m struggling keeping positive on the not so good days. Any suggestions. I know my state if kind really influences how Jedi feels.

  5. I am so sorry you are dealing with this again, Cryss. I would certainly encourage you to try the Neoplasene protocol if at all possible. My heart goes out to you and you are right, your state of mind can affect Jedi. So, try as much as you can to give Jedi a lot of smiles and happy talk. God bless.

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