External Growth

Addie has acquired many lumps over the years, with most being under her skin.  However, she has had 2 external.  The first has remained small for many years and all the vets have agreed that it is nothing to worry about.  The 2nd one though has grown recently and become a problem.  It hasn’t been excessively rapid growth, but it is to the point where it has started to bleed and we cannot seem to get it to heal.

With that, we decided to take her to the vet to have him look at it closer.  Our main concern for not taking her previously was that we did not want her to be put under to have it removed as anesthesia at her age is just not a great idea unless it is absolutely crucial.

Addie sporting her new T-shirt to help keep her from licking her stitches

Addie sporting her new T-shirt to help keep her from licking her stitches

But this is how things go in Costa Rica:  the vet just asked us to drop by sometime that day between 1 and 5pm.  We arrived at 3:30 and waited for 2 other patients before us and were in to see the vet by 4.  He agreed that it should be removed and he could do it with just a local anesthesia so that it would numb the area, but she would still be awake.  Awesome.  When can we schedule an appointment?  Oh, now is fine.  So we get her up on the table, we assist in the surgery by just helping to hold her while he numbs the area.  We are also watching the entire removal process.  He stitches her up, and she is good to go in about 1 hour from when we walked in.  Wow.  The cost?  $20.  Crazy nice hu?!

Nasty looking growth on her back leg.  She is on the operating table here.

Nasty looking growth on her back leg. She is on the operating table here.

So, there is a chance it will grow back (as with most external growths), but she can now lay on that leg without fear of it breaking open again.  He also visually analyzed the part he removed and there did not seem to be an infection and it did not appear to be cancerous.

She is still favoring that leg today, but she is up and moving and a little lighter.

On a not so bright note:  she is having greater issues walking in general.  We are going to try the shot of Legend again although it has only been a month or so and we hope this time it takes better than last.  If not, we are running out of options…

3 thoughts on “External Growth

  1. Your girl is amazing !! Wish our vet bills were that cheap ! 🙂 Our black lab/rottie, Boston, has hemangiosarcoma – he was diagnosed about 5 wks ago. He had surgery Feb 28th in the hope that it would turn out that the nodules on the liver were benign tumors from old age. Tumors on liver seen and mass on spleen in ultrasound. The vet was going to remove the spleen and possibly a section of the liver but unfortunately she saw lots of nodules, stomach area also. So she did not remove the spleen or any tumors on the liver, or part of the liver. He is now about 8 days post surgery.He had a terrific day yesterday but this morning not good. Belly tends to swell at night, which it did again last night. Belly still big today. Gave 4 yunnan baiyao capsules and the red pill, as I was scared – his tongue looked pale, breathing fast. Might have overdone it, but the vet said I could do that if he is real bad. I think she meant worse than he is right now. He normally takes K9 immunity plus, apocaps, IP6, etc – anti cancer supplements. Had to be off the K9 and apocaps for a week post surgery. Don’t think I will put him back on them quite yet. So so hard. He is such a STRONG dog and has lots of love and prayers, and we were told by a surgeon who gave a second opinion after the initial diagnosis that he had just days. If we had caught it early before it spread to the liver we feel sure he would be like your Addie, one of the survivors.
    We will continue to pray for Boston for a miracle.
    Prayers for your Addie. What a lovely girl !! Hope she will get some relief from her arthritis soon. We have always used a great product in liquid form,all natural, called flexicose, good for both people and pets. You might want to check it out at flexicose.com

    Marion Lindsay
    Squamish BC Canada

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