Another Vet Visit

Addie with her favorite toy

Addie with her favorite toy

On March 5th, Addie had a nice sized growth removed.  She was doing pretty well recovering, but somehow the night of March 9th she proceeded to pull all 5 of her stitches out!  I didn’t hear her get up in the night, and she was wearing her shirt, but somehow she managed. Of course March 10th was a Sunday, so no Dr. appointment that day!

The wound wasn’t bleeding, but we felt we needed to keep a gauze pad on it anyways.  With it being high on her back leg, it was near impossible to wrap it.  We tried 15 times without success.  In the end, duct tape worked!  I know.. not a great visual, but it kept the pad on for the day!

Since we needed to take her in to the vet on Monday, we also decided to try another shot of Legend to see if this one would help whereas the last one did not.

At the appointment, Dr. Mario said that her incision was healing nicely and he did not need to re-stitch the wound.  Yeah!  He then proceeded with the additional dose of Legend.

I am happy to report that the wound is almost entirely healed now.  Not sure how that happened as Addie tends to take forever to heal from things, but it looks great now.  AND she has been walking MUCH better the past several days.  She is excited to go on her walks in the morning and wants to go longer than normal.

Also, I am not sure if I had mentioned earlier, but she had a skin condition she was fighting as well, and that is 85% corrected.  We still are giving her medicated baths every 2-3 days and I suspect within the week she should be good to go.  Good news all around today!

We never know what each day will bring for Addie, but we just take one thing at a time and do the best we can.  Her quality of life is still good, so what more can we ask for?

21 thoughts on “Another Vet Visit

  1. She is an amazing girl !! From now on any dogs I own will not be eating any store bought food. Started cooking food for our 2 boys when Boston (black lab rottie) was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma.I thought I was feeding a so called “good” food but found out I was wrong. Did lots of research on dog cancer, dog diet, etc, and the processing of making the dry kibble is one of the things linked to canine cancer. Even though Boston had many malignant tumors, because of his diet, lots of prayers and love, and very good supplements, plus his physical and mental strength, is why Boston lived 6 wks after the initial diagnosis. One doctor we saw for a 2nd opinion said he had just days.
    We are so sad since losing our boy, Boston, who died at home in the early morning hours of March 11th. There is a huge void in our lives.
    I continue to feed our 10 yr old yellow lab Elvis the cooked food, with krill or salmon oil in with the food. What a huge difference it made to Boston and Elvis’s coat once I changed the diet – way less shedding, and Boston’s dandruff disappeeard, and his black coat was so shiny – his fur looked the best it ever looked.
    Your Addie is so beautiful ! Way to go Addie !! You are such a TROOPER !! xo’s from the Lindsay family in Squamish BC Canada. xoxo

  2. You go, Addie! Great news that she has recovered so quickly. We lost our 18 year old Sudi to lung cancer on March 14 after a valiant struggle. He was a fighter to the end, but we couldn’t let him keep on with the incessant coughing that was getting worse and worse. Having a beautiful in home assisted death was the best thing we could have done for him and for us, but now what do I do with this huge hole in my heart – and the same for his little Coton sister, Fiona who is grieving so much for her Sudi.
    We all know it is hard, some of us have been through this many times (this is our 7th loss – all to cancer), but it never gets any easier, and I think it gets harder as we age. So keep up the fight, Addie!

  3. Thanks everyone for all the encouragement for Addie. We do feel fortunate.

    It is so sad to read about losses of other pups to cancer. We have gone through it once with Shep and I know it never gets any easier. Our hearts are with you all who face the loss, but eventually open up your hearts again to another who needs your love.

  4. Thank you for making this blog….I am a Vet Tech and have a Golden Retriever that is my Search & Rescue (SAR) partner that recently had a ruptured spleen (most likely hemangiosarcoma). I have been doing homeopathy for maintenance with my other SAR dog, but now I will use homeopathy to fight this disease. Thank you for giving me hope!!! I can’t believe that Addie has lived 5 years post diagnosis!!! Thank you for posting your diet. Do you use other herbal supplements besides what you’ve listed? You should have your DVM publish this blog!!! Not kidding!! Thank you, thank you……I’ve only stopped crying because I’ve seen this blog. Kelly & Leo

      • Ahh.. I actually was just reviewing the supplements and realize that the SAM-E was still on there. We actually do not give that to her any longer. It was for her liver issues (not the cancer directly). Our vet switched her to Shugan which worked better. We are going to update her listing now.. sorry about that.

    • Kelly,

      Thank you so much for your comments! Addie is an amazing girl. I’m glad that she brings you some hope.

      To answer your question: the supplements listed are the only ones that we give her. We have asked our vet back in the US about others, but this is the combination he recommends. He does tweak it periodically based on her blood tests. For instance, he increased her Hepagen-C after her last test.

      Wishing all the best for you and your Golden!

    • Sorry to hear re: your dog may have hemangiosarcoma. We just lost our black lab/rottie boy to this. Unfortunately it is often found too late, as is the case with our Boston. He was so strong mentally and physically, and lived longer than predicted, even though many tumors were found during exploratory surgery. He did not have his spleen and part of the liver removed as planned, once the vet saw the many tumors. However, there are dogs like Addie who beat the odds, including our vet’s dog. Our vet operated on her dog 7 yrs ago – hemangiosarcoma in the spleen only, no metastasis – she removed the spleen, and the dog is still alive today at 15.
      Dr. Marsden, a master herbalist veterinarian based in Edmonton Canada, has devised a new protocol for hemangio, which our Boston was going to be starting. TCM – traditional chinese medicine – a mixture of herbs he uses. I would advise u to look him up and u or your vet could speak with him or email him re: the protocol. There is a lady vet in Seattle who does TCM and acupuncture mainly, and she makes up her own mixture of Dr Marsden’s protocol. She took a course with Dr Marsden.
      Here is the link to the Seattle lady who has a store on Etsy where u could buy the TCM protocol :

      Also, look up Dr.Dressler DVM and his advice on diet. He wrote a book called The Dog Cancer Diet that you can buy at amazon or you can download the e- book .He heavily researched cancer in dogs. He invented apocaps, which help create apoptosis of the cancer cells. You can order them from if you are in the U.S. Also, K9 Immunity plus wafers from are worth looking at. This is a natural product made from various chinese mushrooms for building the immunity. Also, IP6 with Inositol is very important for fighting cancer.

      I wish your dog well. Our daughter has a golden retriever – lovely dogs. I love them all. You can email me if u like at

      • Hello! Thank you BOTH for your reply!! Very informative!! I have 2 vets, one is western, one is western turned TCM….and the TCM DVM is already formulating a plan for me and she already advised me to get the K9 Immunity Plus…so I feel like I am already on the right road to recovery with my boy. I’ll be seeing her this next week for a follow up and some acupuncture. I’ll be looking into the other links you both suggested….WOW I am so grateful for finding this site. I’ve already changed his diet and will buying some Orijin tomorrow. What ratio do you feed cooked food to the kibble? Also, why do you feed the cottage cheese first then the food? Is it to get the meds in? I’ll looking into that book you suggested about diet too. I’m hoping to have a good out come with this for my boy Leo. The doctor didn’t see any other mets…just one bleb on the liver that he said didn’t look like a mets to him but we sent it in anyway. He didn’t see anything else, though. I appreciate your support……you’ve both been a god-send. Thank you for answering my questions and I’m sure I’ll have more!! Kelly

      • I am so sorry to hear about Leo’s diagnosis. Our lab, Toby, also had hemangiosarcoma. His spleen had ruptured, was removed and we started the Neoplasene protocol about 3 weeks later. We used cooked ground turkey, rice, and green beans with a dollop of ice cream after. He always maintained his weight and survived 9 months. We had to put him down due to pain and lameness, but a necropsy showed his cancer was completely gone. I hope you have good results!

  5. We feed 1/2 C. cooked meat, 1/2 C cooked veggies, and 1/2 C kibble at each meal. Of course depending on the size of your guy, it could be different, but the portion is 1/3 each.

    Also, we give her cottage cheese or yogurt 15-20 min. prior to her dinner to coat her stomach prior to the neoplasene. Our belief is that the neoplasene is THE contributing factor to Addie’s longevity! I would absolutely speak to your vet about neoplasene and get him started immediately. It is holistic, but can cause stomach irritations sometimes – hence the cottage cheese.

    • Great!! Thank you very much!! I already asked her to look into the Neoplasene for me. I referred her to your blog as well. She opens late today but I’ll be calling her when she gets in. What does Miss Addie weigh, just curious…Leo’s 80#

      Also, how did you find out the carbohydrate content of dog foods when you researched it? I notice they don’t list it on their bag or web-sites. I’ve been feeding Taste of the Wild (grain free) thinking I was doing the right thing for years. My other dog lived to be 15 1/2 yr. But my vet (TCM DVM) said just because it’s “grain free” doesn’t mean it’s “carb free!” I found out that what I’ve been feeding may be as high as 45% carbs!! I’m very angry about that and the fact that they haven’t listed it!!

      Thank you again…you’re so helpful! Kelly

  6. Yes, good question on the carbs. I don’t know that they can be totally carb free, but we do get the grain-free variety, and pick a kibble that does not have by-products and truly is only meat and veggies and things you can pronounce 🙂 We didn’t feed her the kibble initially, but did add it back after about a year. it does add some extra vitamins and such to her diet. You could certainly just do the meat and veggies only. But even veggies have some carbs. Just stay away from wheat, rice, and things like that.

    Keep us posted on your progress!

  7. Hello all! Well I have my homeopathic DVM on board to put Leo on the oral Neoplasene!! She’s ordering it today!! I know you have a lot of experience with this (5 years worth) so when it comes to the diet…do you follow the protocol exactly? Because the protocol for Neoplasene vs. the diet protocol for cancer diet is a bit different. The Buck’s Botanical web-site suggests feeding the white rice (which is higher in carbs) vs. the Cancer diet wants you to feed brown rice. It also states not to feed any dry food, (in either Neoplasene diet or Cancer diet) yet you have kibble in Addie’s diet. You stated that you started the kibble back after 1 year of treatment….so that hasn’t been problematic? I got the Orijin like you have Addie on (only 1/2 C 2X/day), plus the cooked meat and veggies).
    Also, for Neoplasene it says not to feed any snacks between meals. Didn’t know if you stick to this or not? Didn’t understand why this was important.
    Also, why do you do 6 weeks on and 1 week off? Considering hemangiosarcoma isn’t a “visible” cancer, was it recommended by protocol for you to keep Addie on the Neoplasene? Do you do periodic blood work or ultrasound?

    Sorry for so many questions…I appreciate you helping me through this! Kel

    • Our Toby was on Neoplasene constantly for 9 months up until we had to put him down for other issues. Our homeopathic vet said this was the protocol, although had Toby still been with us, the protocol was about to change. We did not give him snacks in between, except on rare occasions. I don’t know for sure, but I was thinking part of the reason might have been so he would be really hungry at meal times and it would guarantee that he would get the Neoplasene down. We did not do any periodic blood work or ultrasound, because we had come to the conclusion that it is what it is and cost was beginning to be a factor. We did allow a necropsy which showed the cancer was gone.

      • Lynn: Thank you for your input!! I appreciate you sharing your story about Toby. I understand what you’re saying…”it is what it is…” so I am trying to take the same approach! As a vet tech and a RN, I get so tangled up in the “what ifs” of it all so I just need to relax an enjoy what time I have with Leo. Thank you!! Kelly & Leo

  8. Kelly-I also understand that it is very difficult to accept it all. Our pets are part of our family and we want to do everything we can. But, maybe most importantly, you are right-enjoy what time you do have. Blessings to you and Leo.

  9. Kelly- any update on your dog. I am so amazed and now hopeful with these amazing stories. Thank you to everyone who has shared and I am deeply sorry for your losses.

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