Toby’s Journey with Neoplasene

A couple of days ago I receive a blog comment from Lynn.  It was very sad, but it also has a positive side too.

Toby enjoying his Christmas present!

Toby’s Story:  In July, 2011 Toby had collapsed, had an emergency splenectomy at Purdue, and was diagnosed with malignant hemangiosarcoma.  Their options were to do nothing with life expectancy of 1-3 months or chemo with life expectancy of maybe 9 months.  Lynn did a lot of research, stumbled across Addie’s blog page and wanted to try the same alternative treatment.  Luckily Lynn was able to find a local holistic vet who thought Neoplasene made a lot of sense. They soon began the Neoplasene regimen along with cooking Toby’s food.

Unfortunately, they lost Toby this past May.  BUT it was not due to cancer but because he was quite lame from problems with his neck and his last days were quite painful, which they were trying to manage.  When he quit eating they knew it was time to help Toby move on… never an easy decision.  It was 10 months post cancer diagnosis.

When he wasn’t able to go on walks, they found a way to still have him be part of the pack!

Upon Toby’s passing, they requested a necropsy to see where they stood in the end with the hemangiosarcoma.  Vets do not typically suggest necropsies for pet owners since having to put an animal down is such an emotional issue.  However, when Lynn suggested it, they were very grateful that they were willing to have it done.

Purdue University School of Veterinary Science was interested in reviewing the findings.  They did the necropsy it showed NO CANCER anywhere!  They also confirmed the original diagnosis of hemangiosarcoma.  Hmmm… maybe there is something to this Neoplasene and the stopping of the cancer!

How Can We Help?  Dr. Kim Juhlin who has Toby’s holistic vet has seen the benefits of Neoplasene and wants to see if further research can be done to its effectiveness.  She is currently working with Dr. Fischer who is a scientist/veterinarian at Duke University Medical Center and the editor of the American Holistic, Vet. Medical Journal.  Dr. Juhlin has said that if they can get more information from dogs that were diagnosed with cancer and were using neoplasene, they may be able to look into this treatment further.

Currently they already have both Toby and Addie’s information.  But more success cases are needed!  If you have a dog that has been diagnosed with cancer, has been successfully taking Neoplasene for a long time (more than 9 months), please send Dr. Juhlin your dog’s information.  The more information they can receive, the better chance there will be in having Neoplasene be a solution for many more animals.

To contact Dr. Juhlin:  email her at:  and include “neoplasene information” in the subject line.   Let her know your dog’s success story and let’s see if we can’t get more research done on Neoplasene.

Just think, if our dogs can help further research, grants, and better acceptance of Neoplasene, how may other dogs could we help save?  Please help if you qualify!