Legend Seems to Work

Addie enjoying the fresh Costa Rican air from our deck

Honestly, I was not optimistic about Legend.  Certainly I wanted it to work, but I felt that her issue wasn’t 100% with her hips but something else.  Not sure why but I just “felt” that way.

She received the Legend injection on Thursday afternoon.  We had given her pain meds that morning as she was still feeling bad.  Friday came and we could tell she still wasn’t feeling well.  We picked up more pain meds – enough for 4 days and gave her another dosage.  She was walking better, but nothing astounding.

Saturday came and she seemed to be feeling better, so no pain meds.  But she wasn’t as good as we had hoped.

Sunday morning though seemed to be the day.  She was much more alert and energetic and moving around much better.  We had talked about meeting some friends who were visiting from out of the country Sunday and she looked good enough that we felt we could leave her home for a few hours.  When we returned she jogged to the door to see us and looked like she was feeling pretty darn good!

Since Sunday, she has had a little more pep in her step 🙂  She now strolls around the yard more than she has for the past month.  She is eating well (which has never really been a problem for her), and she even wants to play a little with her toys.

So at this point, I am almost convinced that it was all in her hips.  The Legend is supposed to help her for a good 3-4 months before she needs another injection so we will just wait and see how she does.

She definitely is our little Energizer pup!