A Sad Day

Rest In Peace Indy

Today I am sad to report that Indy, a fellow cancer dog that we have been rooting for, has passed away.  Here is the link to the last post on Indy’s blog.  Indy had Histiocytic Sarcoma.  It is a very aggressive form of cancer.  More so than hemangiosarcoma.  But what I want you to read from the last post is that Indy was able to live past the date the Dr.s gave him which was Thanksgiving, 2011.  Unfortunately, he was diagnosed (unrelated to the cancer) with pancreatitis 3 weeks ago.  Indy had been on neoplasene until the diagnosis.  When he was diagnosed, they did a chest x-ray and an ultrasound.  He was cancer free!  Unfortunately they had to stop the neoplasene for 8 days while they treated the pancreatitis.  Upon starting the neoplasene back up, they went back to ramping up his dosage as it needed to be increased due to the type of cancer he had.  Unfortunately, he had trouble walking last night.  They knew something was wrong and rushed him to the ER where they took another ultrasound.  In the short amount of time he was off the neoplasene, the cancer took hold.  They found a fist sized tumor in his abdomen and a smaller one on his lung.  It was too late.

If we can take any good from losing Indy, it is that NEOPLASENE DOES WORK!  He kept the cancer at bay for 7 months!  It is not an exact science and sometimes other things get in the way – like pancreatitis.  But they did everything they could and did give Indy 7 wonderful, quality filled months.

If you are considering neoplasene – please, please try it.  If Addie’s story doesn’t make you believe, I hope Indy’s story does.