And Yet More Blood Work

Addie after a recent snow storm. She loves the snow!

As the time gets nearer for us to depart the country, we worry more and more about Addie.  Because we will be flying next week, we had Addie’s blood work tested again to see if there were any improvements from a month ago, or at least hoped that the numbers had stabilized.  The results were not good at all.  Her ALP and ALT are still rising at an alarming rate.  See grid below:

Test July, 2011 Sept, 2011 Dec, 2011 Jan, 2012 Normal Levels
ALT 93 129 190 224 < 120
ALP 93 119 200 220 <140
Glucose 94 98 87 89 75 – 125
Protien 6.9 6.3 7.2 6.5 5.5 – 7.6
Creatinine 1.7 1.4 1.5 1.9 .4 – 1.4

After the last blood work, we did increase her Hepagin-C up to 4 capsules/day and added Sam-E at 400mg/day.  However, that has not seemed to help.  I have a call into the vet to see what recommendations he has.  It could very well point to liver damage/failure, but it could also still be a few other things such as thyroid or possibly Cushings though Dr. Friedly did not feel that Cushings was a possibility last month.

We are still also waiting on Addie’s MSU test results to come back.  That is a test for a thyroid issue which Dr. Friedly did not rule out last month.

In addition we found out yesterday she has a yeast infection in her ears, so she is receiving some nice ear cleanings 2 times per day.  She loves those!  NOT.

On the bright side, she doesn’t seem to effected by all of this.  She still likes to hang out with us continually, she still plays with her toys each day, and still gets super excited when we come home.  She also does not seem to be in pain.  She sleeps a lot, and does not have the energy she did even a year ago, but is that a health issue or old age?  We just don’t know.

Time for a Change of Scenery

No more snow for Addie!

Looking back, it is hard to believe we picked up and moved from Indiana to Colorado 9 1/2 years ago with our little girl Addie.  At the time, Addie had a little white on her chest, but not the gray she has today.  But she wears it well and with pride!

It is now time that we start the next phase of our life and Addie of course is coming with us!  In January, we will be packing up and moving to Costa Rica.

We have been very apprehensive about the move with Addie.  We have been considering it for over a year, but now the time has come.  My concerns were of course for her health.  Not only was she diagnosed with cancer – hemangiosarcoma 3 1/2 years ago, but she did just turn 14 in October.  But she has been doing wonderfully.  We spoke to both of her vets (I still laugh internally when I think about the fact that Addie has TWO vets!), and they both agreed that although it would be a little stressful for her, it would not be a problem.  We made sure we did find an airline that had a direct flight from Denver and is known for being wonderful when it comes to flying our furry friends (Frontier Airlines).  I have spoken to them no short of 4 times now regarding taking both dogs and they have always been great.

I was also concerned about having to give her all kinds of shots prior to leaving.  But Costa Rica only mandates rabies vaccinations, so my worries were greatly alleviated.  She had her rabies shot about a month ago.  The last step is for her to have a heath certificate completed within 10 days of departure, which just means a general health exam and a form to be completed.

Addie has never seen the ocean and although it may seem “cheesy”, we can’t wait to take her to the beach and let her play in the Pacific 🙂