Prednisone Update

Addie, Tajo, and Finigan all waiting patiently for dinner behind "the line".

Addie, Tajo, and Finigan all waiting patiently for dinner behind “the line”.

We have been very concerned about Addie for the past several weeks.  As previously mentioned, the prednisone has been helping her to move and eat, but she still was not wanting to eat her full breakfast.  However, about 4 days ago, a change occurred and now she cannot get enough to eat.  She cleans not only her dinner bowl spotless but also her breakfast bowl!

This seemed to coincide with our reducing her prednisone from 1 tablet each morning to 3/4 of a tablet.  Not sure if that is a coincidence or not.  We will keep her on 3/4 for 8 days, then 1/2 tablet for 8 days, then 1/4 for 8 days, then she should be finished.

We are hoping that as we ween her off the prednisone, she will continue to eat and move well.  Hopefully, we can get her back on the Neoplasene within the next 3 weeks.

The only issue we are currently battling with her now are 2 “bed sores” she has on her hind legs from laying on the tile.  They have both opened up again and she wants to continuously lick them.  It is quite the battle to keep them medicated and covered so she cannot access them!

We know that we truly are on borrowed time with her.  And more often than before, we go through the quality of life checklist to make sure we are doing the right thing.  It is so very hard to ensure we are keeping her comfortable and happy and not prolonging her life for our benefit.

Today, we still believe we are doing the right thing….


Since Addie’s life threatening bout with Ehrlichiosis she has been on a regimen of new medicine. These include an antibiotic, antacid, vitamin, and a steroid (Prednisone). Yesterday, at her 2 week, post-Ehrlichiosis checkup the doctor drew blood and assessed her overall condition. She advised us to remove the antacid. Normally, I think the Prednisone would also be removed but without it I don’t think Addie would eat nor could she walk. At this point, I think it is primarily responsible for her being here. So, the doctor agreed and we decided to keep her on it for a while longer.

Her blood test results came back today. Although they are better, her red blood count is still not where it needs to be. We are hoping that as soon as the antibiotic treatment is completed (another 7 days or so) that her red blood count will be normal so that we can try to wean her off the Prednisone. Prednisone is an anti-inflamatory and renders the Neoplasene ineffective. This is quite worrisome to us and we want to get her back on the Neoplasene if at all possible.

However, at this point we would rather have her eating and walking. Just a few days without food at this stage would probably be fatal. So we take the lesser of two evils and hope for the best.

Right now she is lying on the floor beside me and I can tell she is hungry. This is a good sign and I am happy to have it.