Big Scare

A puppy picture of Addie I recently scanned in

As mentioned, Addie has been doing wonderfully!  So much so we just stare at her with a big smile on our faces as we can’t believe she is running and jumping around like she is 5 again! But apparently that running and jumping can get her into trouble.

A couple of nights ago, the dogs wanted to go outside.  It was dark, so Rob went out with them.  Well, behind our house, we have 2 retaining walls.  The first one drops down about 4′ or so to the 2nd wall. Then another 4′ down to the side of the mountain.  We have been concerned about Addie getting too close to the retaining wall for a while as her balance isn’t what it used to be.  Well a couple of nights ago, she got excited about something down the hill, was too close to the edge of the wall and fell off.  Rob’s heart about stopped as he ran to the edge.  Of course he was thinking he would find her with a bone sticking out or ??.  When he got there (and it is only about 15 feet away from where he was standing), she was already getting up.  He jumped down, assessed that she seemed OK – at least externally there were no bones protruding, and placed her on the upper wall.  She then proceeded to go potty and come back in the house.

When I saw her, she was limping but after doing an assessment, it seemed nothing was broken.  She limped when she went to bed later that night.  But the next morning, she was up running around again!

They say cats have 9 lives… Addie has all those cats beat.   She must be on life #32 by now!