Addie in Costa Rica!

Addie getting ready to board

We were pretty worried about flying Addie to Costa Rica with us.  She obviously has been through a lot, so adding the stress of a flight wasn’t ideal.  But we had consulted with both of her vets and they thought she would be fine.  We also made sure we took a direct flight to minimize the length of time she would be stressed.

Frontier Airlines was great. They did everything to make sure it was painless for everyone.  In the end, she came through like the trooper she is!  When we picked her up on the other end, she just gave me a look like “hey, what’s going on?  Can I get out of this plastic crate/box thing now?”.  She didn’t seemed stressed at all.  Finigan on the other hand was a whole other story.  Customs rushed him through very quickly due to his “stink”.

Addie helping Rob with the pool work

We are now settled in our new home in Costa Rica with a 6 month supply of all of Addie’s supplements.  They truly took up 1/4 of our luggage!  She is back on a routine and has a wonderful huge yard to sniff and relax in.  Her only trouble is getting accustomed to the very slick tile in the house, but she is getting her sea legs under her.

Rob had met in person with a local vet prior to my arrival with the dogs to make sure the vet could be on call if we needed.  That was nice to know.  We will be taking Addie in to see her next week just for introductions, pass along her 2 foot thick file, and see if she has any insights into Addie’s blood work.