Our Swimmer is Back!

Addie retrieving her 30 lb. “stick”!

When Addie was younger, she used to LOVE to swim!  We couldn’t keep her out of the water if we were within a mile of a lake or creek.  But in August, 2010 she was diagnosed with Vestibular Disease.  From that time forward, she avoided the water.  Oh, she would wade a little in it, but no full on swimming like she used to do.  I think it was because she didn’t trust her balance and that could be a dangerous thing in the water.  Even in Colorado we lived close to a pond and she just would not swim like she used to in years prior.

However, we now live on a massive lake and can walk there within 3 minutes.  Whenever it is nice and sunny out, we take the dogs down there.  Something about Costa Rica, who knows, but now Addie is back to loving the water!  She is back to the point where we have to drag her out of the lake to go home 🙂

We are excited about this change in her for a couple of reasons.  1) we like to see things that make her happy again and swimming is definitely that.  2) swimming is a great low-impact exercise for her.  She still stumbles a lot, but in the water she glides easily.

I think we enjoy her new-found (again) passion as much as she does!