The Journey Ends

It has been nearly two weeks since our girl passed away. These past days have been lonely, grief-stricken, and sad. Everything we do reminds us of her…

We knew from the time that Addie started taking Prednisone (and not taking Neoplasene) that there was a good chance that she might succumb. Unfortunately, what we feared did come to pass. However, without the Prednisone we would have lost her sooner as she could barely walk and would not eat. The Prednisone gave her several more weeks of relatively pain-free and enjoyable life. For this reason we do not regret the decision that was made.

During the last day of Addie’s life I was not here to be with her. I had left to make a long overdue family visit and had left Denice here alone with the dogs. We had originally planned to travel together but I knew that we couldn’t leave Addie in the care of someone else given her fragile condition. I couldn’t bear the thought of neither of us being with her if she were to have passed while we both were gone. So, I stayed behind to care for Addie while Denice traveled and Denice stayed here while I was away a couple of weeks later.

During the morning of the 7th of June, a mere two days into my absence from home, Addie collapsed. Denice was able to load her into our vehicle and rush her to our veterinarian. Dr. Ana evaluated Addie, determined that she was extremely anemic, and sent her for a chest x-ray. After the x-ray was taken, Addie’s condition worsened dramatically and the decision was made to euthanize. The next day, Denice buried Addie with her tennis ball on the banks of the lake near our home. I returned several days later knowing that I would not see my girl again.

What happened?

What typically happens to hemangiosarcoma patients who have had emergency splenectomies is that the cancer spreads via the bloodstream to another internal organ where another tumor grows and ruptures. This process usually occurs within 4-6 weeks after the splenectomy and is fatal. For nearly 5 years Addie successfully avoided that fate while she underwent a Neoplasene regimen. Addie stopped taking Neoplasene in favor of Prednisone on April 29, 2013. 5 weeks and 4 days later she passed away. The veterinarian who took Addie’s last x-ray confirmed the presence of an internal mass. We believe that the mass was a tumor that had probably started to grow after the Neoplasene was discontinued and eventually ruptured. Was Neoplasene responsible for giving Addie that 5 years of additional life expectancy beyond what we were told she would have after the splenectomy and hemangiosarcoma diagnosis? You must decide for yourself.

What happens now?

It is our hope that Addie’s experiences with hemangiosarcoma and Neoplasene (which we have tried our best to document here) will continue to offer hope and real results for others who struggle to find a way to help their pets live with this cancer. For this reason this blog will remain here in silent tribute to our faithful companion and the life she led. We will still receive notices if anyone wants to make a comment and/or ask questions of us through the blog. We are more than happy to continue to help if possible. In this way, we hope Addie’s legacy will live on.


To Dr. Friedly and Ione at the Natural Healthcare Center for Animals in Falcon Colorado for everything you did for Addie during the time we lived in Colorado and afterwards.

To Buck Mountain Pharmaceuticals for producing Neoplasene, taking the time to speak with us about how to administer it, and for helping us find a way to obtain it.

To Addie’s veterinarians in Costa Rica, Dra. Leandro, Dra Ana, and Dr. Mario.

To our family, friends, and all of you who followed Addie’s Journey.


A few days after this post was published we sent an email to Dr. Friedly thanking him for his help through the years.  They sent a nice response which we wanted to share:  Friedly_email