April 1st Update

Not an April Fools joke, Addie is still doing well!
She just spent the past 2 weeks at cousins Lucy and Mazie’s house while we were in Australia. The picture to the left is Addie and Lucy on a hike.
Aunt Janet and Uncle Jeff were very kind to take them in again for 2 weeks. 4 dogs can definitely be a handful. And as Janet said – they all have special needs 🙂 Who knew dogs could be so needy and emotional!
Although Addie was her emotional self for the 2 weeks, she is still healthy and managed to put on a few pounds. She is definitely resting tonight from her time away. It snowed today, so she did get in a few romps in the powder before her next nap!

2 thoughts on “April 1st Update

  1. Oh my! That is such wonderful news. We are so happy for Addie and for you too. Life is good…and loving every minute of it is the only way to go. Cheers and continued good health to you all. (Always missing my girl, but muddling through the days with memories that make me smile more than cry…she was my best part)

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