Is Neoplasene a pipe dream?

The fact that Neoplasene did not work for Shep may make it seem that using it is a ‘pipe dream’ and that Addie is simply an anomaly and would have made it just as long without Neoplasene. However, there are things that must be kept in perspective. By the time we found Shep’s cancer it had spread from his lungs and into his lymph system. As Dr. Fox told us at the onset (when we spoke to him about Addie): “even Neoplasene won’t work if you have termites in the attic”. This means that the disease had spread so far and so fast that there really was no way to save him. Had we caught his cancer months earlier, when it was just starting to form, things would probably have been different. However, the first indication we got was when the cancer had started to spread into another body system – the termites had found the attic…

The reason for this short post is to give anyone with doubts about the effectiveness of Neoplasene some understanding of the differences in the two cases.

This poor quality photo (taken with my cell phone a couple of years ago) is one of my favorite of Shep. It was taken at a place called Sentinel Rock and is just below Shep’s memorial site. It captures all the things that I like to remember about Shep-o: his lop ears, goofy smile, and love of hiking and exploring new places.

Miss you buddy…

8 thoughts on “Is Neoplasene a pipe dream?

  1. Hi,
    My dog has just had a subcutaneous tumor removed, and it turned to be an hemangiosarcoma. The surgical limits are clean. I am very afraid but also have a little hope. I would appreciate if you give me any advice you consider convenient. Thank you.

  2. My advice would be to keep hope even when vets give you little to hope for. Also, research and highly consider the Neoplasene. Addie is almost 11 years old (later this month), and was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma last July. She is showing signs of age (11 is getting up there in years for a dog her size), but the HSA doesn't seem to be getting to her that we can tell.

    We only give her a few supplements, the Neoplasene, and home cooked meals. It has worked for us.

    I hope you can find a local vet that is familiar with its use and you give it a shot.

    Best wishes,

    Denice and Addie

  3. Hi Denice and Rob:
    I know this feeling of “Why didn't it work??” I went through the same thing with Sparky. I was extremely upset to have lost my love, while other dogs go on and on.

    But like you said: It doesn't work if there are termites in the attic. What I didn't know for a long time was that Sparky's chest was full with cancer. I had no idea. I thought we had a fair chance. His second vet, the one that monitored the Neoplasene intake, had finally gotten the x-rays and told me that he didn't stand a chance, and had he known how bad it looked, he would have never prescribed the Neoplasene.

    I think it's important for everyone to understand the difference. I would do it again! I would try my best again, over and over, if it gave my boy a tiny chance of living another day. But we have to know that there are cases where even this drug won't be able to help, and sadly, Shep and Sparky were two of those cases.

    Hugs to you!!!!

  4. Just wanted to check in on Addie and see how she was doing. I emailed you some time ago about my boy, Jake, who also had hemangiosarcoma. My vet would not prescribe Neoplasene, and I don't know if that was the downfall or not, but I lost my Jake back in June. I've had a roller coaster of emotions and can just now write/talk about the whole experience a little without breaking down into a full-on bawl-fest.
    Jake last a full 4 months after his splenectomy and was happy a great deal of that time, but the “episodes” that he started experiencing became more and more frequent until we had to make the decision to help him go. It was the hardest thing I've ever gone through.
    I am not writing to make everyone sad, but I wanted to say how happy I am that I did have that extra time with Jake. I suppose I'll never get over losing him…it's like losing my arm or a part of my own body.
    I think Addie is a miracle, and I hope there are many others out there. I also hope that some treatment will become more “accepted” by vets that might help our friends.
    Best of luck to you all.

  5. It's interesting to find this post given what my recent thought process has been. I used Neoplasene perfectly, but my boy barely made it six months post surgery. Maybe we started it too late (six weeks post surgery) or maybe since my dog had stage II as opposed to stage I, this Neoplasene just couldn't work for us. I'm always so glad to see that Addie is still well 🙂 And then, I always wonder — is it really the Neoplasene, or would she be doing this well even without it? Either way, it's good to know that this horrible HSA has its survivors. (One dog named Ginger lived for over six years post surgery.)

    Take care everyone. Good luck!

    And, rest in peace, Baby Nikko. Daddy loves his Doggy!!

  6. HI all My Buddy a 5 year old Doberman has Bone cancer, we first saw a limp and then the x-ray showed us the hidden truth. Buddy has been on Neoplasene for about 7 weeks now he takes the oral 8 cc’s a day, he is on home cooked meat and rice, he went from 8 pains pills a day and not moving and not walking at all on his leg (tumor in left rear leg) he lost 16 pounds he has now gained 6 back he is on no pain meds and is walking and using the leg. He just had the first of three Neoplasene infusions and the outlook is very good. We did get him started early in the cancer (Osteosarcoma) and thus far we are glad we went this way instead of chemo and amputation. I will keep everyone up to date as a side note Buddy is our therapy dog for Joliet Area community Hospice here in Illinois and now he has his own battle with cancer. I pray that this will end well for Buddy and each of you who have a battle of your own. Our prayers go out to you.

    Dave and Maria

  7. Dave and Maria –

    We are so sorry to hear about Buddy and the cancer. But excited to hear he is doing well and up and walking. It is always a hard decision to know what exactly to do. We will keep you and Buddy in our thoughts and wish you all the best!

    Denice, Rob, and Addie

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