July 15: The Worst Day!

July 15, 2008

We were pretty happy with her progress after coming home from the hospital. She was eating well, and although still seemed anemic, was getting her energy back.

I called the vet to make an appointment to have her stitches removed and to discuss our concerns about her gums and tongue still not being as red as they should be. The vet seemed strange so I asked him if he had gotten Addie’s pathology results back. (We had originally told them that we didn’t want it sent in as we didn’t want to know – chemo wasn’t an option and we didn’t feel there were any other alternatives, so there was no point). However, they accidently sent it in anyways.

He told me the most horrible news: Addie had aggressive cancer of the blood vessels – hemangiosarcoma.

He told me that she only had 6-10 weeks to live and that the cancer would probably spread to her liver or lungs. He gave me several possible outcomes, none of which were even remotely above horrible.

For the next 24 hours we could’t do anything but cry, especially when we looked at her. Our little girl was going to be leaving us soon and she didn’t even know. We were not ready yet to let her go!

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