Stitches Out

July 23, 2008

Today was a pretty good day for Addie – 6.5 out of 10. She is still a bit lethargic, but otherwise OK. She has taken 5 doses of neoplasene after tonight’s dinner. We find that adding some bacon and warming up her dinner in a little bacon grease definitely encourages her to drink a lot of water after she eats which is a good thing…

She had an appointment with the Internal Medicine veterinarian today to have her stitches removed. She was quite feisty when they tried to take her temperature – they gave up 🙂

She weighed in at 64.8 lbs. Rob contributes the majority of the weight loss (about 5 lbs) to the spleen and tumor. (I’m not sure about that…) She wasn’t happy about the stitches being removed, but still did OK. The area healed pretty nicely.

The veterinarian had not heard of neoplasene. Since it is a ‘holistic’ remedy we were not surprised but were disappointed. We had hoped that another one of his patients may have tried it and that he might have had an optimistic story to share, but it was not to be. We do have an appointment with a ‘holistic’ veterinarian here in Colorado Springs on July 30th. He has treated dogs with neoplasene (he carries a supply in stock). We hope to get some insight and more reasons to be hopeful from him.

Afterwards, we took her on a little walk at a nearby park – she did really well.

We are still optimistic – her food and medicines are becoming routine now….

5 thoughts on “Stitches Out

  1. This is a wonderful site. God bless your dedication to Addie! Our prayers and thoughts are with you.Love,Marc, Lori, and Ella

  2. Dear Addie,I live in Germany now, I think. I’m not too good at geography, but all the local doggies all speak German, so that’s a good clue. Anyway, I really miss you and wish I could run and play in the woods and snow with you and Shepp again.Bestest wishes,Milo 2 year-old Newfie

  3. Hi Addie,I know you probably think that I haven’t liked you all these years, but I have. I think it is super cool that you have chosen to copy my smile as I love to do that when my teeth feel good. When my parents got home I liked telling them with my smile that I was glad to see them. Lately my teeth have been bothering me and I haven’t been able to show my happiness and appreciation to them. I want you to know that when I am able to smile again (my teeth are on the mend now) that I will smile real big for my parents and they will know that I am thinking of you!Love always,Lucy

  4. OH Addie, hang in there, you are one special dog and I can’t imagine visiting without seeing you.You are in our thoughts and prayers constantly. Can’t wait to hug you.Grandma K

  5. Just wanted to let you know that the holistic veterinarian that we are going to has had sucess with Neoplasene. I read all the articles, but I know it helps to hear it first hand. Good luck.

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