Holistic Vet Consultation

Took Addie to the new holistic veterinarian yesterday, Dr. Friedly in Falcon, CO.

He was briefed on Addie’s condition, diet, and supplements. He told us that the basic diet we are using (see previous posts) is a good ‘anti-cancer’ diet. In addition to the supplements we are giving her (also outlined a few posts ago), he suggested Hepagen-C, which is primarily for Milk Thistle (liver support) and Fractionated Pectin (for anti-metastasis).

In his experience with neoplasene, some animals do have digestion troubles. To counteract this, he suggested keeping her on the drug for 6 weeks and taking her off of it for 1 week then repeating this routine for the rest of her life. This is a little different than the instructions provided by Buck Mountain. We will see how she does at the six-week juncture and decide what to do at that time.

He also told us that some of his other patients with cancers as bad or worse than Addie’s hemangiosarcoma are still alive 18 months after his initial visit with the animal. This was very encouraging and gave us hope that what we are doing will not be in vain. It sure sounds a lot better than the internal medicine veterinarian’s prognosis of death in 10 weeks.

As far as her general state of being is concerned: from the last post up until 2-3 days ago she has been pretty energetic in the mornings but seems to have a significant drop in energy in the late morning and early afternoon. We think this might be her body trying to adjust to the lack of carbohydrates and beginning to use fat for energy. The past 2 days have been better with the late morning crash not seeming to be as drastic.

We plan to take her on a couple of hikes this weekend. Hopefully, she will be able to do a little more than she has over the past couple of weeks.

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